Creative Footsteps towards the World Stage,
Nurturing CEOs of Hidden Champions and Professional Lawyers

Youngsan University focuses on nurturing elites well versed in business towards becoming CEOs of hidden champions and professional lawyers. The CEOs of hidden champions capable of developing local companies as a strong global company will be able to understand the global trends and create new corporate values.

Professional lawyers will develop companies in a more sound way by integrating professional knowledge and legal knowledge with practical business activities. Those who know what products will be sold in the trend of the world market, can sell their products by convincing consumers that their products are worth their money, and can find out what people really need are wise people.

They are those who are highly confident of what they know.

It means that they are confident that they can better the world by using their knowledge and doing what they can do.

Major programs of Youngsan University aim to nurture true experts in his or her own area. knowledge should be deeply rooted in reality. Deep self-reflections on what companies need, what the society needs, what world we are living in, and where we are now will help our learning take root in reality.

This is the humanities program Youngsan University aims to implement.
We believe that such a program which keeps asking questions about the problems in the world will provide the resources for practical activities which lead to the creation of new values.

The founding ideals of Youngsan University are Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Yung-Mu-Ae. Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Yung-Mu-Ae represent the idea of being good service to the human society, and complete harmony and round without edges respectively.

Those founding ideals of Youngsan University are the basis for Youngsan University's programs which aim to nurture practical experts which this era needs and elites who can create new values, continue to learn and develop themselves keeping up with the trend of the era, and make efforts to pursue happiness of themselves and others as well.

Youngsan University will respect and develop the dreams and hopes of young people embracing them with love. Youngsan University will move forward to be a prestigious university which contributes to the development of the local community and the nation by focusing on practical learning, allowing students to make their dream come true, and making efforts to fulfill the demand of the society.

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