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In the era of globalization and information-the 21st Century-experts in varying fields who will reach out to the world will be in high demand. Youngsan University, which s located on the slopes of Mt. Chunsung, is a newly founded university opened in March, 1997. It is designed to produce the type of elite which retains Korean cultural identity based on traditional values and reaches out to the world. It also aims to train experts equipped with practical skills as well as academic knowledge.

The educational goal of our university has been to produce international intellectuals grounded in traditional values by applying the educational precepts of Hong-ik-in-gan (devotion to the welfare of mankind) and the Buddhist principle of Won-yung-mu-ae (being harmonious with others) since it opened. Youngsan University has been trying to put educational reforms into practice and prepare for the new era. It aims to hold a place as a newly prestigious university.

Youngsan University belongs to the Sungsim School Foundation which is one of the prestigious private educational institutions with a long history and tradition in the Youngnam area. The school foundation is comprised of Sungsim Information High School which was opened in 1973 and Youngsan University which has campuses located in Yangsan and Busan and were founded in 1997 and 2002 respectively. Youngsan University is proud of its outstanding faculty, good quality of education, and on-the-job training experience with state-of-the-art facilities. Youngsan University is preparing and assuming responsibility for the 21st Century by offering specialized programs and knowledge-based educational service. Youngsan University will be a partner you can rely on.

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